Revolver Showdown! Colt Python vs. S&W L frame vs. Ruger Speed Six| Jerry Miculek

Many people have been asking us to compare .357/ .38 revolvers and there is no better person in the world to do it than Jerry. Which is your favorite?JERRY ON FACEBOOK!: LENA ON FACEBOOK!:

Con TG

Cody looks like the old version of that bully from 'Back To The Future'

Joshua Bolling

Crazy a batch I mean I luv fortnite but not that much

Mikey Hart

The wolf


Hahaha, shove? he barely tuched him, what a wimp.

Kanjana Jitsupapan

Cool !!

Smelly Cat_

1:34 that Easter Egg is in Saints Row the Third as well

Denny Jewah



Youre the best!!!!

HyperOutlet - Fortnite

Amazing Headshot! 5:11Tyler’s point: 9000

Epic boy

Omg Godzilla is in this movie!

wepurpleyou. fc


Monkey DEE

I just got an Instant smile on this video talk about a fusion of Great Rockstar games

Baldev Boyal

2019 anyone


"I T H U N K I T"


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Lewis Gunnar

Fisherman wrong

Rekha Rean

This s**t is high level of insanity


This game should be called death of the wild.

Leo Hernandez

Wait isn’t that Pegasus on the ocean 🌊?

Cheers SportsBar

the size of the vase is why it did not work ,, the water has to be poured in fast and the top of the vase needs to be a small diameter to build some pressure



Geralt Of Rivia

Great quality videos can be founf only here for easter egg/ reference videos for games and media.

Jovan Poposki


Santosh P.S.S.

3:03 I laughed the most yet here!


🤤😨😱😱😱😱 OMG

Erfan Maqsodi

where is garret

Riley McCluskey

81 people are retards

Tori Kearney

My brother was born late so he had breathing problems and passed away a year later me and my other brother never got to see him he is now 19 I miss him I'm 10bmy other brother is 16 we miss him so much

Btw I’m a small youtuber


I wonder if anyone actually read "The Snow Queen/Ice Queen" and recall that Greta traveled throughout the four seasons to rescue her friend who was blinded/hypnotized by a magic mirror shard... Hmmm

paradox paradox

I like your game 5616452856164528561645285616452856164528561645285616452856164528561645285616452856164528

It's a good thing I'm gay :)

Ginku. not good videw rudraanshBhasin

Best boat

help me to 5000 subscribers with no videos

I want to swim in Gatorade

Cassidy Nyi-butler

Boston Red Sox


I found the last easter egg but didnt think of as a reference, caus ei was just walking atround the area and elizabeth randomly came to the machine



J digerol0419


•Gacha Fairies•

I really want to have anorexia right now... Idk why... I just wanna be skinny, I dont feel my confidence anymore... I always feel left out because of these stupid fats 😞

TheDrawingAlpacha YT

I need help😣😭

gamer popoy123

My favorite is last shot

Taariq Jeena

You should do one with a pro player


I was laughing when he had a technical difficulties in the gta v secret