✔ Minecraft 1.13 Update - 15 Features That Were Added

Minecraft 1.13 Update - These are 15 features that were added in the 1.13 aquatic update. This underwater update added new mobs such as turtles & phantoms. New trident weapon. New swimming animation. Water biomes such as kelp & sea grass. Blocks such as stripped logs & bark and more! Leave a "LIKE" Rating if you enjoy and "COMMENT" if you found this video helpful! Thanks for watching and have a nice day! ^_^Join my Discord here: me on Twitter: Watch MORE Things you didn't know videos here: ● Follow me on Twitter: ● Follow the IDMC Server Twitter: ● Follow me on Instagram: ● Join My Server ➜ IP - ● My other Server ➜ IP - ● Server Shop ➜ All Song Names:Kevin Macleod - OdysseyKevin Macleod - InspiredFalling For A Square - Tones Tones TonesKatie.. you're cool c;


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