CCTV में कैद हुई ये लड़ाई देखकर हैरान रह जाएंगे आप

राजधानी जयपुर के राजापार्क गली नम्बर 4 में स्थित 'कबाब्स एंड करी' रेस्टोरेंट पर 22 मई को कई लोगों ने आकर तोड़फोड़ की थी, जोकि पूरा वाकया सीसीटीवी में कैद हो गया. इस हमले में पुलिस आज तक नामजद मुख्य आरोपियों को गिरफ्तार नहीं कर सकी है. इस सम्बंध में पीड़ित ‌रेस्टोरेंट मालिक वरुण बहल ने मामले की जांच करने के लिए मुख्यमंत्री वसुंधरा राजे और डीजीपी मनोज भट्ट को ज्ञापन दिया है, जिसमें क्षेत्र के देवेन्द्रसिंह शंटी और पप्पी सरदार सहित दर्जनों लोगों ने रेस्टोरंट पर सोच समझकर हमला किया और ये लोग चाहते हैं यह रेस्टोरेंट बंद हो जाए. बताया जा रहा है कि रस्टोरेंट में कुछ लोग शराब पीने की कोशिश कर रहे थे. इसको लेकर रेस्टोरेंट संचालक ने आपत्ति जताई, जिसके बाद विवाद बढ़ गया और देखते ही देखते पत्थरबाजी शुरू हो गई.


Let me know when someone finds the "Large scale battle" Easter egg in here

ÝØÝÕ GUYS comedy vines

ha ha ha soooooooooo funny!

Poopy Productions

I AM a boydid ty come to kehoe france my name is jackson

Shorty tell me I'm the same

A Little Boyish

My mom had to hold 3 at the same time.


Do you guys ask people there story’s or is this fake 0-0

Seabass 2001

I’m not a hardcore anime fan but I’d say my absolute favorite would have to be the movie Akira. Phenomenal film.

Shane Zink

harambe @ 2:14


You all Godless people that don’t trust Jesus and have no faith.


Now this one I can relate to lol! 2:37

Cat Ruler Of The Universe

5:46 screams wow

Lexi Coffman

You heathen! You don’t even have a case on your phone!! 😭

Suzu The Apprentice

I saw Robert Downey Jr and I got tingles in all the right places


i just wish i could punch my anxiety in the face


NaughtyDog really likes breathing their own farts apparently..


I think I have derealization. I just can’t see real life as real as the people around me do. I also question my own life a lot, mostly in the way of ‘why am I alive? I’m so bad at being alive.’ I’m 21 years old now, but I already had so many doubts, panic and reasons why I should just end my own life. But I’m still here, wanna know why? Because I survived too many things to end it all, I’m freaking curious how long I can stay in this “reality”!

Joel Matos

song 1:21

Zumorito Rinkashimokuta

This game is still relevant god damn it!

Thinking 'bout the world now my mind, no tragic

CallMeCingkin YT

He says 27 million Subs but then gets to 42 million Subs


I played through the entire game with the mind blowing military knife, I was given one by a friend at level 8. You can't use it until I think level 24, but even at level 50+ it was a one hit kill on ANY standard zombie. I'd dupe the item 3-4 times and do nothing but throw them in combat. Never lose durability that way. And even though it wasn't an automatic kill on bigger zombies, it was still very high dmg against them

Swiggityyy Swootyyy

90% are about his hair 10% the title

Hunter Fogle


Amber Thompson

It was right

great I’m not even old enough to get a job.

Murabbi Murabbi

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no one:

Alex Skye

So no main character in Watch Dogs?

starlight beyond

Tom clancy's really want this in heaven?

little mochi

this seems more epic than expected



Manik Orawn

What about magnets

everyone: o

George123 Ross

When he lost he looked like coner mcgreor vs Nate Diaz


You should say where the Easter eggs and screws are in your videos


Lynda Nga Nguyen


Nor Fara Azliza

Malaysia Onces,did u believe this song tr3nding 8? Daebakkk..


make the last one without trampolin :)

syam suresh

4:52 kids nearly 80% urine😂

Aariv Shah

Coby your the best

Galaxy_ Duke

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