8 Bizarre Things People Found in Their Pool

Swimming pools are great in summers but after seeing these bizarre things in a swimming pool you might want to check what is in the pool before jumping into the water. Subscribe to World5List us on...-- that summer is coming to an end and you won't be spending much more time in the pool you shouldn't worry about finding anything strange within your urine and chlorine infested waters. Join us as welook at some of the most bizarre things found in swimming pools.A BearThere are quite a few animals that you probably wouldn't want to share hot tub with and we're guessing one of those might just be a bear.One afternoon Tony and Denise Dearing looked out of there back doorto find a full-grown bear bathing in there private pool.The couple was initially alarmed but then quickly realized they were missing out on the opportunity to create a viral video so they quickly fetched their phones. A CrocodileWhen you live in Florida you should expect to find all manner of reptiles invading your personal space. For those who you should expect to basically own a undocumented petting zoo for carnivorous creatures.A lesson that of Pennsylvania couple learned soon after purchasing a luxury home in the Florida Keys. Upon first arriving to their property the couple walked into their backyard which overlooked the Atlantic Ocean to find an 8 foot long friend swimming in their pool. It turned out to be a crocodile that had wandered in from the beach.SnakesSnakes are one of the most vile creatures on the planet. They don't belong on planes or in pools but somehow they have found their way into both but you were much more likely to find them in a pool. Year after year reports flood in to the local animal control offices regarding large snakes making home in or around a family's backyard pool. One country where such calls probably do not exist, the land down under, Australia. In a viral video from 2013 Trio of kids are seen swimming in a backyard pool as their dad films them having fun. At one pointone of the children notices that there is a snake in the gutter of the pool. A CowThe term sea cow Is often used to refer to the Marine Mammal the manatee but in this case we are going to use the term to refer to a cow that just got stuck in a swimming pool. In 2014 a video surfaced from an Indian news sitewhich two pictures of full grown cow swimming in a giant lap pool while they were children playing all around it.These 2000 lb Beast of Burden can often be found grazing next 2 bodies of waterlike lakes and streams.A CarSo far are lifters been nothing but animals so it's time to mentionone of the most strange nonliving things that has been found within a person's swimming pool. In the case of 1 Texas Family they woke up one morning to find a Dodge Charger in their family pool. End 2014 and over-privileged team from Cypress Texas was gifted a Dodge Charger for his birthday.

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