Blind Elephant Jokia Adopted By Her New Friend

Elephants can bond so deeply and never break from that friendship. From first meeting, the elder Mae Perm adopted her blind young friend, Jokia, helping her to enjoy life. They became playmates. Mae Perm became the eyes of Jokia, and her true protector. They never were apart until that final day when Mae Perm passed away. Jokia was suddenly at a loss for everything. She couldn't even remember her walking paths. In her mourning, she searched and moaned and would bump into objects that she would normally avert. The loss of her soulmate was almost too much. We were all so sad and concerned for Jokia whose grief was debilitating. That was until one day Sri Prae stepped forward and adopted Jokia, becoming her new eyes and healing wounds no salve could touch. Elephants have shown to me their great love. Their love for each other, few words can fathom at Elephant Nature Park.Learn More :

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