Ball Pythons VS Corn Snakes: Which are Better Pets?

The question everybody wants an answer to... which are better? Ball pythons or corn snakes? Well, there's a lot to know about each animal. In this video, I go over some of the main differences between these two beginner snakes to help you decide which is the best fit for what you're looking for.Learn more about ball pythons here:more about corn snakes here:videos ↴How NOT to care for a Ball Python ▶ a Snake? Make sure It's Not Sick! ▶ Corn Snake Care Guide ▶ the series ↴Exploring & Herping ▶ Herping Basics ▶ Husbandry ▶ Animals ▶ Myths ▶ by subscribing or visiting the site ↴See More ▶ ▶ for more ↴Twitter ▶ ▶ in this video ↴TITLE ▶ LINK----------Thank you to these artists ↴Headphone Activist ▶ ▶ MacLeod ▶ Lewis ▶ very brief about ↴GoHerping is a YouTube channel and website dedicated repitle and amphibian exploration and education. Since 2012, I've been creating videos all about herping, husbandry/care, the natural world, conservation, and more. I hope you enjoy. Thank you for reading, see you around the reptile community!

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