#208: Packaging, Making the most of PyCon, and more

Are you going to PyCon (or a similar conference)? Join me and Kenneth Retiz as we discuss how to make the most of PyCon and what makes it special for each of us. We also cover a buffet of other topics: packaging, pipenv, developing Python on Windows, async and await and more.Full show notes at

Hervard Buond

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Jay Jota

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Erica Gonzales

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A battle of David and Goliath? In the lower right corner of the map, the tiny island :)

sebastian barrera loboa

Kylie has an objection to look like Kim who does not realize she would look better if she looked natural

reason underdog

Watching in 2019!!

Hall Atkinson

I subed and liked every thing

Nayte Gregory


Valentina Caravotas

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Gaming Sports


imane feddal

Title : am i a joke to you?

Eliza Rose

I Love their enthusiasm! 😂

analyn bondoc

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Max M.

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sophia Bernard-Puckett

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Gil 9T_7

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Mischa Adams

Who’s your favorite Ty,Cory,Coby,Cody,Garrett or all.

glitchy Scarbrough

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gacha girl 23

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João Pedro Ferreira Santana

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Jay Collins

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Isochronic Tones have been around since 1929 and can be used to heal the body and mind. Many people use this to recover quickly from colds, flu and bad infections like candida. Some people use this for ADHD or ADD. Never play out loud on speakers when animals are present.

Bubbie 101

Literally cry though this

Meeka Smith

I miss Ermias a lot I was lucky enough to have known him from high school going to Hamilton with him and Evan. This really got me in my feelings because I have a 7 month old son. They take what they don't understand!!!