Museum scientists find state record 87 eggs in largest python from Everglades

University of Florida researchers curating a 17-foot-7-inch Burmese python, the largest found in Florida, discovered 87 eggs in the snake, also a state record.

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Yeah feeling sad in England is pretty normal. It’s fucking shit around here. That’s why we are so depressed. Education system is a big part of it because it just doesn’t help people be happy or be kids which causes a lot of disorders. Don’t see why we can’t be like Finland they are happy and a big part of that is their education.

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Wasn't there also an easter egg with 47 wearing the plague outfit and a thug making an comment about 47; "Playing too much Assassin's Creed."?

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Anyone else notice that at 7:52 it says "GuruKid's Groceries"


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I’m a raptors fan, but wow, I’m disappointed in the amount of them who cheered when Durant was walking off. Show some respect.

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