Who Will Win: Black Mamba vs Rattlesnake!

They’re two of the most famous and feared snake species in the world.Have you ever wondered who might win if these two beasts ever confronted one another?Well, the chance of them facing off in the wild is remote since they’re native to different continents.But we can always speculate about what might happen should the two serpents clash.We’ll lay out some attributes for both animals, and then we’ll tell you which contender we favor between the Black Mamba and the Rattlesnake.Subscribe to Epic Wildlife Connect--In The Trees or On The GroundThree species of mambas are known to be arboreal and live in the trees.Black Mambas can also display an arboreal nature, but they primarily live on land. They’re recognized as one of the world’s fastest-moving terrestrial snakes, reaching speeds of nearly 10 miles per hour (16 km/h) over short distances.That means they can overtake much of their prey like birds and smaller mammals should they try to escape.Black mambas have a preference for warm blooded prey that it hunts from a permanent lair.But it’s also known for consuming its fellow reptiles on occasion. #8Black Mamba BehaviorWhen human beings come within 130 feet (40 m) of black mambas in the wild, the snakes become skittish and unpredictable.We found that although the snakes are quick and agile, they will often flee at the sign of a perceived threat and escape into a hole, or brush.Other sources claim they can become extremely aggressive if cornered, and any sudden movement can provoke it into launching a series of quick strikes.They can engage in some additional threat displays which we’ll tell you about in the next section. #7Threat DisplaysOf the four mamba species, three of them have skin that is colored various shades of green.The black mamba’s skin color that ranges from gray to dark brown.But its name is a reference to its mouth, which opens wide to display an inky black interior.You might not see their fixed fangs, though.While they can measure up to 6.5 mm (0.25 inches) long, they’re located in the back of the mamba’s mouth. It will also hiss and spread its narrow neck flap to discourage aggressors.When it’s time to attack, these snakes can do so from a considerable range, projecting themselves by as much as 40-percent of their body length. That’s something they have in common with their opponent.And these Mambas can rapidly inflict several deadly bites within a short amount of time.#6Striking PointsWhen the black mamba bites, it always does so at full envenomation;that is, each bite will deliver venom and a lot of it.Wildlife biologists say that the chance of a dry bite (without venom) occurring is nearly non-existent with these animals.That’s bad news for the victim.Its venom contains neurotoxic properties which can produce symptoms that include respiratory paralysis, and can bring down a human within 45 minutes of receiving the bite. Without antivenom and appropriate medical attention, victims can die within 15 hours.It’s said that two drops of the Black Mamba's venom are enough to kill a human.#5 Wrapping UpSo those are our two reptilian contenders for the title, as such.Let’s take a look at some of their strong points and weak points, starting with the Eastern Diamondback#4Eastern DiamondbackOdds ForThis snake is known for its power and aggression, and is capable of mounting a vigorous defense if they’re threatened. Drop for drop, its venom is considered to be the most toxic of any species found in the US.Overall, most sources rank it outside the top 20 regarding its Lethal Dose or LD50 ranking.That refers to the amount of toxin needed to kill 50-percent of a test group, which are typically lab mice or rats.How its venom might affect a Black Mamba is an X-factor, but it could be strong enough to at least slow it down.Odds Against It gives up some size to the Black Mamba, regarding length.And it’s unlikely to be as fast, or to make as many quick strikes.The Mamba’s venom might be toxic enough to incapacitate the Eastern Diamondback.#3Black MambaOdds ForGreater length, greater speed and agility, along with the fact that the creature carries some of the most toxic venom of any snake on Earth.Regarding its LD50 ranking, it often ranks within the top 5 of such lists.If cornered, it will mount a vigorous defense of rapid strikes.Odds AgainstWhile it does have great speed, the Black Mamba will often use it to escape confrontation.Fighting is only an option if it’s cornered and can’t get away.The slender mamba weighs only 3.5 pounds on average (1.6 kg), and probably doesn’t possess the raw power of the heavier Eastern Diamondback.#2So there you have it ...1...


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